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White Plains, New York, Foreclosure Attorney

White Plains, New York, Foreclosure Attorney

When you invested in your home or commercial property, you never expected to face foreclosure. At the Law Of fice of Steven A. Campanaro, we are experienced in representing individuals and businesses facing foreclosure. Through strategic counseling and advocacy, we help our clients assert their rights and regain financial footing.

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Protecting Your Home against Foreclosure in Litigation

Many of our clients are seeking to prevent the foreclosure of their primary home or residence. This process can be extremely stressful and traumatic, especially for clients who have children. It is vital that you have somebody to assist you who has knowledge of the foreclosure laws as well as hands-on experience working with homeowners and lenders. At the Law Office of Steven A. Campanaro, we will take the time to explore all of your options and provide you with the information you need to protect your home against foreclosure.

If defending your interest in the foreclosure proceeding is the appropriate solution to your problem, we will represent you in every aspect of the litigation including:

  • Filing a formal answer on your behalf to the lender's initial foreclosure papers asserting any substantive and procedural legal defenses you might have to the proceeding;
  • Represent your interests at the required judicial conference phase of the foreclosure proceeding where we will attempt to negotiate with all interested parties to work out a fair settlement such as a mortgage modification with a reduced interest rate and/or longer payout terms; and
  • If a settlement cannot be reached, we continue to fight on your behalf throughout the remainder of the foreclosure proceeding to ensure you come out of the litigation with minimal or no outstanding liability after the foreclosure process is complete.

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Foreclosure Alternatives

When facing foreclosure, there are some alternatives available to you.

Negotiate directly with banks and lending institutions: Many homeowners come to us with stories of how they tirelessly tried working directly with their lender for months to modify the terms of their mortgage. Unfortunately, most are unsuccessful due to the banks failure to work with them fairly. From losing paperwork to never returning calls, the banks make modifying your mortgage nearly impossible. At the Law Office of Steven A. Campanaro, we have negotiated with numerous lenders on behalf of our clients to get their mortgages modified and avoid foreclosure. The terms of the modification can include reduced interest rates, longer payout terms or reduction in your mortgage's principal.

Bankruptcy: Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also an option available to those facing foreclosure. Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides you with the ability to reorganize your debt and protect your real estate investments. The reorganization of your debt may involve creditor negotiations or installment payment agreements. Our primary attorney will review your assets and debts and determine whether Chapter 13 is a viable option for keeping your home or business. If you qualify, we will represent you in the Chapter 13 bankruptcy and work to prevent the foreclosure of any mortgage on your home or business. Click here to learn more about Chapter 13 bankruptcy and whether it is the right solution for you.

Most of our clients have tried every available option or exhausted every possible resource before turning to bankruptcy to prevent foreclosure. We can provide representation and guidance you can trust. Whether you are predominantly concerned about protecting your assets against foreclosure, or seeking complete debt relief, we can help you restore your financial security with many options.

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