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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Life After Bankruptcy

There is a stigma around bankruptcy, and many people fear that bankruptcy will lead to a bleak future. Nothing could be further from the truth. After bankruptcy, you can start rebuilding your credit and getting your finances back on track.

At the Law Office of Steven A. Campanaro, we are committed to helping our clients improve their lives through the bankruptcy process. We understand how emotionally draining, stressful and overwhelming debt can be. When you work with our firm, we will provide you with the support you need to feel confident and secure in your financial future.

From the moment you contact our office for your free initial consultation, you will see that we are a different type of law firm. Contact our White Plains office at (914) 686-0634 to schedule a free initial consultation about life after bankruptcy.

Tips for Improving Your Credit After Bankruptcy

Many people believe that bankruptcy destroys your credit. Instead, it is the debt problems before bankruptcy that can have the greatest effect on your credit score. Collection actions, foreclosures and inability to pay your bills on time can have a tremendous impact on your credit.

During your bankruptcy, we can provide you with the tools you need to get your credit back on track and put you on the right path to improving your credit score. There are some steps you can take, however, to improve your credit after bankruptcy, including:

  • Consistently paying your bills on time: The credit reporting agencies monitor your payments and keep a record of whether or not your bills are past due. By continuing to pay your bills on time, your credit score will increase over time.
  • Making a budget and sticking to it: A budget will help you see your income, your bills and how much you have to spend at any given time. By sticking to the budget, you can avoid spending beyond your means and continue to improve your credit by paying off your bills regularly.
  • Monitoring your credit: You can request a copy of your credit report once a year from each of the three major credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. By checking with one agency every four months, you can keep tabs on your credit, fix any issues and ensure that your credit continues to improve into the future.
  • Putting away money for emergencies: Emergencies can be costly and throw your budget unexpectedly off track. By creating a savings account, you can prepare for the future and keep your budget as well as your credit on track.

Speak With a Bankruptcy Lawyer

You do not have to look for answers alone. We are here to help you. Our goal is to ensure that you have the life after bankruptcy that you want. Contact us today to learn more from an experienced attorney about achieving a positive financial foundation after filing for bankruptcy.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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